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Shiv R. Jhawar

Shiv Jhawar — Tax Expert

45 years in tax practice!

Shiv R. Jhawar founded SRJ Consulting in 1975. Jhawar helps taxpayers in resolving their tax issues, including audits, appeals, and tax collection. In addition to representing and advising clients, he prepares individual and business tax returns.

As an Enrolled Agent (EA), Shiv Jhawar is licensed at the federal level to practice before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). “Enrolled” means to be licensed to practice by the federal government, and “Agent” means authorized to appear in the place of the taxpayer at the IRS. Only Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and attorneys can represent taxpayers before the IRS.

The “Enrolled Agent” designation is the highest credential the IRS awards. The federal government, not the states, issues EA licenses. Unlike CPAs, who can only practice in certain states, an EA can practice in all 50 states.

SRJ Consulting is listed in the Best Rated Tax Preparer in Chicago by ptin.org (click here to view). Kev’s Best, a blog that rates businesses, ranks SRJ Consulting among 5 Best Auditors in Chicago.

Profiled in Wikipedia, Shiv R. Jhawar’s academic and professional credentials are exceptional:

Jhawar  is highly skilled in getting to the root cause of a tax issue and figuring out the way to resolve it. Jhawar excels at two important aspects of being a good friend: listening and communicating.

With a keen interest in computer technology, Jhawar has written his own accounting software, which he uses in his tax accounting practice.

Jhawar lives in Chicago. In his spare time, he enjoys diving into deep meditation, discovering good eats, writing articles, watching international cricket, and getting a good night’s sleep.

Jhawar is described by clients as humble, dependable, calm, patient, pleasant, friendly, innovative, confident, and meticulous in his tax work.

Anvi Parikh, EA

Anvi Parikh, EA

Anvi Parikh is licensed at the federal level to practice before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Anvi graduated with Bachelor degree from Ohio Wesleyan University (Delaware, Ohio) majoring in Accounting in 2005. She has been working at SRJ Consulting for over 15 years, assisting Shiv Jhawar in his tax practice.

As an Enrolled Agent, Anvi is included in the IRS directory of Tax Return Preparers with credentials. She is a member of National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) and National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP).

Anvi regularly uses QuickBooks accounting software and has mastered Microsoft Excel. Highly organized and detail oriented, she is skilled in helping individuals and small business owners.

In her spare time, Anvi assists Shiv Jhawar in running his Noble World Foundation (NWF), a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, nonprofit organization.                    

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