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To securely send your document files to us (no login required!), just click on applicable Send File(s) button.

You can send/upload your file(s) either from your cell phone/tablet (take pictures and upload) or from your laptop/desktop computer (scan documents and upload).

You’ll receive an automated email upon successful completion of your upload.

Your file transfer is protected by 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, which is almost impossible to crack without the encryption key.

Click on Contact if you experience any difficulty in sending your file(s) to SRJ Consulting.

Remember, emails are not secure! When an email leaves the sender’s computer, it travels across the internet to reach the recipient. Thus, the email you send is at risk of being intercepted and read by hackers along the way. The identity of the computer from which it was sent (the IP address) is revealed. Therefore, sending an email is like sending a postcard. Anyone handling the email can read its contents. Be aware of this emailing risk!

Send Files
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